SmarTrack Cat 5 Tracker




Product Information

SmarTrack Cat 5 Tracker: Thatcham CAT5-P5 status GPS + GSM vehicle tracking system.

Suitable for all makes and models.


Main Features…

  • DRS Driver Recognition System
  • Comes with 2 encrypted keyguard remote controls
  • Protects vehicle from key theft
  • Remote Immobiliser (with Police Authorisation Only)
  • Monitored 24 hours a day via Smartrack control centre
  • Ecall button (you will receive a call from our SOC)
  • See your asset live at home by PC
  • GPS + GSM Technology
  • Motion Sensing Alerts (Monitors un-authorised movement)
  • Battery back up & disconnect alerts
  • Low Battery text Alert
  • European coverage as standard
  • Covert Black Box
  • This system can be transferred onto your future vehicles – saving money!
  • 12 and 24 volt

manufactured in Britain to give the very best tracking performance in the industry. The system has passed full e-mark and Thatcham CAT5-P5 status.

It is ideal for high value vehicles requiring the very best security. It has internal aerials for enhanced security and SGS type 1 polyprop casing for extra protection.