Tracker Locate


  • Track your vehicle via your smart phone, PC or Tablet 24/7 plus full access to the My TRACKER website
  • VHF Technology can be detected anywhere, even in metal containers
  • Dual technology and signal jamming detection GPS and GSM, with Pin Point satellite detection
  • Built-in motion sensors to identify unauthorised movement
  • Nationwide support from all UK Police Forces with Tracker mesh network
  • Insurance approved, 24 hour national emergency call centre



Tracker Locate has VHF Motion Sensor and with the added benefit of Global Positioning System (GPS) and GSM Locater for faster vehicle retrieval.
My Tracker is now available for cars fitted with Tracker Locate. It gives the owners of the Tracker Locate vehicles access to bespoke website offering a range of information about their vehicle. Driving and journey reports are included, as well as mapping and traffic information. My Tracker can be viewed on most modern browsers and platforms such as tablets and smartphones or access the Tracker Touch App.

TRACKER’s VHF stolen vehicle recovery systems work using a mesh network. A covert transmitter is hidden discretely in your vehicle. There is no visible aerial so the thief can’t see it and won’t know it’s there. Unlike GPS or GSM only based systems, VHF can still recover your vehicle in an underground car park, a shipping container or transported in a covered trailer. As soon as the active unit is within range of a TRACKER equipped Police Vehicle it will be identified through a unique code known only to TRACKER and the Police.

The VHF technology has been designed to prevent jamming of the tracking system. The tracker Locate tracking system is the most demanding Cat 6 tracking system which includes the benefits of all three tracking technologies available. With this in mind the tracker locate is virtually immune to complete jamming. All combined with the benefits of battery back up and illegal motion sensor.

Using this Tri-technology of GPS, GSM & VHF the locate unit allows site of the vehicles position and direction on computer based maps, which is then relayed to the appropriate Police force. Should the vehicle at anytime lose the GPS/GSM positioning, then TRACKER’S proven VHF (very high frequency) technology will be used by the police to track the stolen vehicle to its exact location, even if it’s hidden in a container or underground car park. Once the vehicle is located, TRACKER will arrange for a uniformed guard to stay with the vehicle until the recovery company arrive to pick it up and return it back to you.

In the event of a theft, Tracker HQ can locate the vehicle with the aid of the police in numerous ways. Using all the technologies including their anti-jamming & tracker mesh network. Tracker has full cooperation of the Police forces across the UK. In addition to the combination of the three methods of tracking, the tracker locate has wide coverage across Europe. Therefore, at home or abroad, you will have access to view your vehicles location.

Tracker Locate subscription charges:
12 Month Subscription   £189.00
24 Month Subscription   £339.00
36 Month Subscription   £449.00
48 Month Subscription   £539.00
60 Month Subscription   £629.00